Sexual Readjustment to Change of Circumstances

In my practice I work with many people who are well into their adult years and beginning to realize the deficits in their knowledge and information about sex. Many of those who approach me for erotic mentoring are middle-aged men who identify as married or heterosexual and have strong desires to experiment sexually with men. Because these desires have been strongly repressed, they consume a huge amount of energy. In erotic mentoring sessions, I help people create safe space to talk about these fantasies and desires, examine the fears that go with them, fill in gaps of information, and explore appropriate avenues for experimentation.

Erotic mentoring can help people keep their pleasure-bodies alive in a long and loving but sexless marriage. Some people live in a relationship based on good companionship with an understanding (sometimes spoken, sometimes not) that sex will not be part of the picture, usually because one partner is either physically or emotionally unavailable for sexual interaction. The other partner’s sexuality often gets diminished or distorted. Working with a sex coach can help keep the channels open. Masturbation coaching can be especially helpful.

Life changes can throw your erotic body completely out of whack. Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer, women going through menopause, anyone who has lost a mate to death or divorce, and people who have spent months and even years dealing with serious medical problems often find themselves cut off from their erotic selves and at a loss to know how to recover their sexuality. A sex coach can help you get your erotic body back into shape the same way that a personal trainer might help you work on strengthening and toning your physical body.