Sexual-Spiritual Integration

We live in a culture which often burdens sex with negative associations: fear of disease, religious condemnation, pornography that stimulates without satisfying. There’s more to sex than sickness, shame, sin, and sleaze, but it’s easy to get lost trying to find the path to sexual health and pleasure, sacredness and intimate connection.

Erotic mentoring can help you (re)discover the many uses for erotic energy:

  • to meditate and remember who you are – physically, emotionally, spiritually;
  • to pray and envision something you want to receive or change or accomplish in your life and ask for it with every cell of your being;
  • to rest and give your inner control freak a break;
  • to give thanks for all the love in your life;
  • to heal sex shame and practice freedom by shedding light on the voices that criticize your desires and control you against your will;
  • to expand your ability to raise and contain erotic energy;
  • to feel all your feelings — cry if you’re scared, laugh if you’re happy, mourn if you’re grieving, yell if you’re angry;
  • to transform — embrace something new you want to invite into your life or let go of something you’re done with forever.

These abilities live on in the cells of your body, but you may be out of the habit of accessing them. Using skillful touch and conscious breathwork to raise and circulate erotic energy, I can show you how to connect the dots between your emotional, physical, spiritual, and erotic bodies.