Erotic Mentoring

For many of us, our sexual education hasn’t progressed much farther than the rudimentary anatomy lesson we got from the phys. ed. teacher in junior high school. Erotic mentoring is a personalized course in adult sex education. Together you and I create a curriculum of readings, practical exercises, explorations, and information sessions designed to help you grow as a sexual being and to expand your experiential knowledge of the erotic possibilities of life in a body.

Giving permission is a big part of sex and intimacy coaching. Giving yourself permission to receive pleasure may sound simple, and it is – but it isn’t necessarily easy. I can help you practice feeling your whole body, speaking your desires, bringing consciousness to sex and touch, and living your spirituality without blocking your sexuality and vice versa. All these are opportunities to heal shame, isolation, erotic malnutrition, and touch deprivation.

Some of the issues that lend themselves to erotic mentoring are

  • Healing sexual dysfunctions (rapid ejaculation, difficulty achieving orgasm, erectile dysfunction)
  • Sexual-spiritual integration
  • Reclaiming consent and pleasure after a history of physical/sexual abuse
  • Overcoming shyness about naming your desires and asking for what you want
  • Improving or refreshing your solo sex life (masturbation coaching)
  • Addressing concerns around body image/genital size
  • Putting pornography in perspective
  • Sexual readjustment to change of circumstances (due to illness, medication, death of a partner, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • Expanding your erotic repertoire (exploring anal pleasure, experimenting with kink)
  • Intimacy coaching

Since I’m a gay man, many of the clients I work with are male and gay or bisexual. At the same time, I do have female clients, and I am always happy to support women working through sexual issues and exploring how to bring more pleasure and satisfaction into their erotic lives. For more about my work with women, click here.