"Hold Me Now"

These days we have a lot of language to talk about sexual abuse and sexual harassment, sexual addiction and sexual compulsion. But we don’t talk very much about sexual starvation, erotic malnutrition, and touch deprivation. Being touched is a primary human need. Very few of us get touched as much as we’d like. Massage is one tried-and-true way of getting touched and reducing stress by letting go of muscle tensions. Another is being held. Receiving simple human contact, “hugging until relaxed” in quiet and stillness, can be a profound and healing experience.

A “Hold Me Now” session is just that – an opportunity for you to rest in my arms and be held by the Good Father who is on your side no matter what you’ve done, who appreciates you for who you are. You can be a little kid and snuggle with me while I hold you and read you to sleep, or you can let me tell you the words that you have been yearning to hear, or you can let words fall away completely and give yourself permission to let your tension and anxiety melt away for an hour.

“Hold Me Now” sessions take place on a comfortable futon. We are both dressed. You may feel many emotions in the course of receiving nurturing touch, including sadness and grief as well as relief and joy. All that is OK. “Hold Me Now” is specifically not an invitation for sexual interaction. It’s my belief that many of us seek out sexual encounters because it’s the only way we know how to get the affection and holding we deeply crave. Sometimes you get the sex but not the holding. Here is your opportunity to receive the relaxed and nurturing embrace that feeds the human heart.