Sex and Intimacy Coaching

therapy with client 2SEX AND INTIMACY COACHING teaches skills and provides guided experiences to get you where you want to go. In my practice I offer a confidential, non-judgmental, informed and professional environment to focus on sexual issues. Here is a place to identify, embrace, and practice desire and sexual embodiment as healthy forms of expression.

In Sex and Intimacy Coaching I stress the importance of working with the whole person, emphasizing the integration of the erotic body with the mind, using the practical approach of life coaching, the heart-centered qualities of psychotherapy, and the spiritually integrated sex-positive perspective of sacred intimacy.

The majority of sexual problems arise from how we perceive ourselves as sexual beings and how trauma, shame, and guilt interfere with the natural expression of our sexual vitality.

I work with the intention of helping people transform sexual obstacles and tired habits into spontaneity and optimal sexual functioning. I combine dynamic interactive therapy, breath and relaxation techniques, and tactile stimulation. The treatment is tailored specifically for each client depending on present symptoms, history, age, gender, and socio-psychological circumstances. As a gay sex therapist, I have considerable personal understanding and professional experience dealing with the concerns of contemporary gay, bisexual, and self-questioning men. I work with my clients in a mutually engaging process where awareness, acceptance, and truthful moment-to-moment interaction are the key components in a transformative healing process. The treatment can be short or long term, depending on what issues are at hand.

For individuals seeking to expand their own experience of sexuality I offer

For people looking to deepen erotic connections in relationship with others I offer